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We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service that builds and sustains relationships with our extensive network of clients and candidates. We fill 96% of the vacancies we recruit* (*2011 figures January 2011 - January 2012), and we interview face to face every candidate we introduce

Our Services:


We have devised a package of services that we think can make a difference and suit every situation - we understand when recruiting you are looking to recruit the best people in the most approporiate way - and there lots of different routes to success.


It is not CV's that drive businesses, productivity or organisational effectiveness - it is people - with their abilities, ambitions, motivation, skills and potential.


How many times have you met people with good looking CV's only to find they are not what you had hoped? Because we interview candidates we provide you with options and judgements for you to make informed decisions.


Talented professionals, executives and leaders need to have the chance to express themselves, communicate and influence - but how is this measured by an email, text, a quick phone call or through a CV? We can reach the HR talent on your behalf - not just the candidates from databases, but people who are doing well in their current roles, and we do this through our networks, knowledge, and proactive techniques.


Sounds simple? Sounds like what we should be doing? Well we agree.

At Standley Associates we have the resources to produce exceptional results; namely, selectively recruited, experienced staff. We have established networks with senior executives and industry specialists, which helps us reach excellent candidates, and a well-honed recruiting process.


We think our main responsibility is to add real value - and believe we are here to provide an indispensable service that saves you time, (and therefore money) addresses your needs, and importantly delivers a no nonsense responsive approach. In short, we need to become trusted partners.

In addition, we stay up to date on new developments in recruiting and information technology and regularly adopt those which promise to advance quality and efficiency.


We gain quick and deep access to the active and passive job seekers which enables clients to have a full view of the available talent at any given time in the market.


What is unique about Standley Associates?


Our search based recruitment processes are focussed on finding the best talent for each position, and we work in partnership to develop the most appropriate, cost effective and timely solution for every appointment.

As a niche HR recruitment provider, we deliver a cross border UK, European  and international recruitment service that reaches the best talent for each vacancy - rather than the nearest or most available. We operate as your dedicated service provider until we find the talent you need.


We are very experienced and have a proven track record within recruitment at all levels, and are able to offer you a total resourcing service that flexes to your requirements.


Our promise of service to each customer:


  • We will meet with you and spend time to understand your organsiations   needs, culture, and potential.


  • We will get to understand the full scope of your role and its key dimensions


  • We will work to establish the key candidate skills and competencies needed 


  • We will meet with and interview all candidates that we submit to you.


  • We focus on candidate skills, competencies, experience, and personal style.


  • We identify ambitions, motivations and where candidates are most suited


  • We believe recruitment is about connecting people that match each other.


  • We will work with you until a successful conclusion is reached.


  • We will employ the most appropriate resourcing tactics for each role.


  • We will be discreet, confidential, and work hard to reflect your brand well


Our Guarantees:


To make sure we are being transparent about our consultancy & introduction fees we have developed a fee structure to fit every situation and all types & sizes of organisations and circumstances.

As a boutique HR search & selection business and we want to be busy helping you access the right talent at an investment level that works for you - to access our terms simply click here


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